Ocean State at 25 knots


Ocean State - 25 knot FerryI remember one of our maiden voyages where the Governor came. He came with 75 of his best friends. As we were speeding along at 25, he decided to go out onto the foredeck for the view. This was fine, except all 75 friends decided to go too, causing the bow to sink very low and the stern to come up out of the water. It was very scary, we thought we were about to kill the Governor. We slowed down carefully, turned and went modestly home. No one ever knew the danger.

Clipper – Best Paint Job

Clipper - Best Paint Job

Clipper was a David Pedrick 12 Metre, built at Newport Offshore, Ltd. by John Merrifield and I, including many others. This is where we first met. We liked each other from the get go. He was very intense which I had an affinity for, and I respected his resume. Every boat he had built was famous to me.

I arrived at Newport Offshore, Ltd with the 12M, Independence, which I had been sailing on, training for the next year’s America’s Cup, 1980. My team was going to build a new boat out of the old one. I was the only crew member who was a boatbuilder and the only one who stayed to help with the construction of the new one.

This paint job became known as an “A” paint job, everyone was very proud of it. Dark colors are mirrors and so unforgiving.

At the time of this photograph, exiting the building, the name on the boat was “Eagle” and it had a very large eagle painted on the transom. It was all covered up, so it could be a secret for the christening ceremonies the following day in front of 2,000 people and TV cameras. That afternoon Pan Am called the boss, Russell Long, and asked how their yacht “Clipper” was coming. They were going to be a major sponsor but hadn’t sent the money, so the name on all the tee shirts was Eagle. They wired money in and that night, in secret, I stayed with the artist and changed the name to Clipper. The following day in front of the cameras and crowd we fooled everybody by blessing the launch of Clipper. Our secret about the name Eagle wasn’t a secret, everyone knew, so everyone was quite shocked.


America’s Cup Tank Test Model

Tank Model America's Cup

John Merrifield’s hobby was to fabricate America’s Cup tank test models at home, actually he earned money doing it. He made a lot of them and I had helped him for years, long before we formed MRI.

This one hanging was made at MRI and is of the new IACC designs, as the America’s Cup shifted away from 12 Metres. Now they have shifted again to 72′ Catamarans.

There is an interior mockup in the background for Jess Sea, and a work of Art, “Tent Bay” in the right foreground.