Congere Framed – Kim and John

Congere Framed - Kim and John

Congere was a Frers 80′ Maxi racing sailboat. It was the last boat we had to physically loft, prior to the advent of computers in the industry. In the build process there is a lot of cutting out and bending materials and as you make ring frames you stockpile them against a wall. Concurrent with that you also make and mount the stembar centerline member. Then comes that fateful day when you stand up all the ring frames on the stembar and overnight you seem to have the boat almost made. There is, of course, a lot more work that still has to be done. 

We punched most of the lightening holes in the frames and we kept them in a bucket. They weighed fifteen (15) pounds when all was done, for something like 150 manhours. Not very cost effective, although it looks good.