Crane Geometry for Mast


 Crane Geometry for Mast on Cakewalk

As a Production Planner at Derecktor Shipyard, I would choreograph Travelift chores, Overhead Crane capabilities and Crane functions to confirm a Cakewalk plan would work. Derecktors had a Manitiwoc Crane with a fixed boom and a few fixed extensions. I also documented the geometries of all the forklifts, and a wide variety of other useful tools. I am skilled with AutoCAD and Rhino. This drawing helped us decide to rent a crane to hoist the mast onto the top of Cakewalk, since the Manitiwoc wouldn’t work.

Knowing the Rhino software was valuable, too, since every single piece of metal was modeled in Rhino and CNC cut out. So you had to know your way around to help production understand their jigsaw puzzle.