Generation – Tony Smith



Generation - Tony Smith

Tony Smith has long since passed, but his foundation lives on and they are very active in building copies of Tony’s inventions and selling them for lots of money, which was great for us. He loved the equilateral triangle and shapes that could made out of many of them, abutting one to another. As a mathematician and artist myself, I grew to appreciate this vision. Angles and numbers repeat themselves and forever surprise you in turning up again and again.

Generation is a prime example of this. This one is the biggest ever made at 36’ high, with a foot print 40’ square. It had to break into eleven (11) pieces for trucking. We made cradles for each piece so that nothing, especially strapping would touch the flat black paint. Flat black was Tony’s favorite color, and it is very special and super difficult to paint and very fragile. It can be hurt easily, and can’t be touched up. Normally a touch up can be buffed and blended in, but buffing flat polishes it, so it ends up shiny and no longer flat. If a person walks buy it and touches it with their hands, their fingernail can scratch the surface, and the scratch appears bright white, easily seen, highly noticeable, and ruined. Also unless the painter is careful and skilled you can see the spray pattern in the final coat with greater or lesser densities of paint, ruining it. We painted many segments four (4) times, some long after they were accepted the ruined.