Heart of America – MRI’s 1st Boat


Heart of America - MRI's First Boat


Merrifield-Roberts, Inc. (MRI) was formed when John Merrifield and Kim Roberts sold their first yacht, a 12 Metre for Buddy Melges, called “Heart of America”. This would be John’s tenth (10) 12 metre build, five (5) of which I had made with him. We could build it from scratch in just 90 days. Heart would be the first one under our own label.

At Newport Offshore, Ltd. We built the 12 Metres “Clipper”, “Defender”, “Spirit of America” and “Liberty”.  Liberty was Dennis Conner’s 12 Metre that lost the America’s Cup after 135 years. It didn’t have an up-side down keel with wings, unfortunately the Australians did thanks to Ben Lexan.