Flarecraft – MRI’s Fastest Boat


The Flarecraft is an all carbon fiber ground-effect craft, traveling at 125 mph, 10’ above water. This five (5) seat water craft cannot gain altitude above its own wing span, because the wings are too small, so it is not an airplane, and not governed by the FAA. Instead it is a boat governed by the USCG.

When it is close to the water below the height of its own wing span, like 10’ high, the air being thrown down by the wings can’t go down because of the water boundary. The wings therefore experience increased back pressure creating greater lift capable of carrying the payload with small wings.

As Production engineer I developed all the tooling, the manufacturing process, the quality assurance program and all the systems. We made the prototype to carry three people. We kept putting on better more powerful engines, six in all, and our speed and payload went up. We helped the Flarecraft Corporation build seven (7) craft at several different facilities, affording them smooth transfer of technology. It got better and better which is the joy of mass production.