Hemisphere – Largest Sailing Cat

Gemini - Worlds Largest Sailing Catamaran



During my tenure at Derecktors we completed six (6) other new construction projects, ferries, fire boats, tugboats, including “Hemisphere”, the world’s largest sailing catamaran at 145’ long and 55’ wide.

When we had to move the yacht out of the way of the final placement of Cakewalk’s Main Module, previously discussed, it was time to pick it up with the Travelift. I drew pictures to instruct the men and we sent them to the naval architects for their confirmation of the plan. They were shocked,  no one had told them how we would pick it up, and they hadn’t engineered it for the only machine we had. What were they thinking? Evidently, the hulls were too weak for the inboard loading of the straps forward of the keel. The straps turn horizontal as they cross from port to starboard under the hulls, pinching the shell plate severely.

So I had to develop a different plan.   We had to make a steel cradle that spanned from hull to hull and cradled each hull carefully. Then we connected the cradle to the Travelift, so there was no resultant load squeezing the hulls toward centerline. I found a major component already made out on the back forty and made everything out of that. You can just barely see it coming out from behind the trailer. By the end I was intimate with the assets in the back forty.