Jess Sea 90′ in Framing

Jess Sea 90' in Framing



Jess Sea is a MacLear Harris 90′, MRI’s largest yacht. Frank MacLear and Spyros Garbis designed a strong cruising boat, all the aluminum seemed to be twice as thick as necessary. There is a huge amount of double continuous welding which adds a huge amount of hours. A 12 m is lightly welded, frequently 3” on, 9” off, on only one side of the frame. Thin shell plating appreciates that. It is not better, but it is lighter, and lighter is boat speed. Of course, cruising boats prefer strength over speed.

Everything about Jess Sea was yacht quality. The design was traditional which made me appreciate modern and futuristic to my own surprise. It did have tandem centerboards, one behind the other, which I sailed with for years and like very much. It had no boom, Frank didn’t like them, the mainsail sheet to either of the three backstays. I prefer a boom and a good restrainer, for maximum control.