Kim – Boatbuilder and Fabricator

kim-robertsI have been a boatbuilder and fabricator my whole life. I am a master craftsman, and have spent years managing craftsmen. The projects I have helped manage are usually large scale, so I have always worked with big teams and long schedules. I am an expert on materials and how to build structures with them, maintain geometries, solve problems and produce gorgeous paint jobs, while remaining on time and on budget. The photos depict my accomplishments.

In helping the team through the process, estimating, defining step 1, and pushing hard to the end, I have picked up a few sayings along the way, like:

“We don’t finish projects they just take them from us.”, or: “a properly fixed mistake is no longer one.”, and “Painters can paint forever, so you have to stop them.”

158 Narragansett Ave., 4V
Newport, RI 02840, USA
Cell 401-864-2531