Olympic Torch – NBC TV Commercial


OlympicTorch - NBC TV Commercial

A TV Production Company in NYC needed a prop of the Statue of Liberty Torch to complete a TV Ad about NBC televising the Olympics. I had to do research to find what it looked like and sculpt it myself. The railing and underneath is a fiberglass molded piece 1/12 of a circle, so 12 pieces makes it around a circle.

To get the right patina we painted the surfaces with copper paint, like three times as heavy as normal paint, because of the metal content. We sprayed it and let it set up, and before it hardened completely, we sprayed acid onto it and it turned the perfect copper aged green and even created runs and drip marks just like rain would. I was very pleased.

They were talking about putting it in front of a blue screen to digitally add the night sky. I said come out of the city, we have night sky here in RI, so they came. It was funny, everyone who came from Boston, Cape Cod, and NYC was a subcontractor and when it was all done and before leaving, they all got paid in cash.