Singapore Brushstrokes – Lichtenstein

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Singapore Brushstrokes - Lichtenstein

We are in Singapore now. These works and five others similar to them are called “Singapore Brushstrokes” and they surround and adorn a skyscraper. They were created by Roy Lichtenstein, who had the coolest studio I ever saw. He had a room 50’ x 40’ and 20’ ceilings and on three sides the walls were cover with full floor to ceiling easels very 36”. He could jig and hold any size canvas at any height to work on.

He made many brushstroke pieces and used to cast them in aluminum. The casting were never really flat surfaced. It was slightly rippled. The white and yellow sections were ¾” relieved from the outer plane surface, difficult to fair flat in a pattern for a mold. We suggested that we make them out of ¾” plate with holes cut out and a thinner plate lapped behind, welded. Everything came out very flat and we saved 80% of the manhours, so we were much cheaper, and actually higher quality. He was very pleased.