Victory ’83 Sailing Away

Victory '83 Sailing AwayVictory ’83 sails with sixteen (16) onboard. Back on a 12M during the America’s Cup, we sailed with eleven (11), and we all had 110% of a job to do. Now we have four permanent grinders and a mainsheet grinder, as well as some extra brains aft.

We also own a second 12M, Defender, a yacht I helped make in 1982, for Tom Blackaller and Gary Jobson. The Owner found her in Florida, languishing, abandoned. It was what got him interested in 12 Metres in the first place. She is a 1983 boat, so it is in the same class as Victory, Modern, no wings. He eventually bought it and brought it home to Newport to build the class. We refurbished Defender, curing some of her inherent problems. She still needs a suit of sails, running rigging and some love, then it will be set to go.